What is Helmee CSD®?

Do you produce high gloss parts? Curved shapes like automotive interiors door handles, knobs, buttons etc… Because of the standards for the surface quality you must do the inspection for hundreds percentage of the produced parts. By common sense, inspection is logical point of automation because of their large production volumes. Requirements are typical for automation; high volumes, high accuracy, relative long series. We have patented technology to do that. Named technology CSD “covered stereo deflectometry” This blog post tells you what is CSD.


Covered comes from fact that we use dome covering the part when doing the inspection. The dome is there to spread light equally to part surface working as a diffuser. By changing the dome, we can control the amount of the light going through. The other task for the dome is to collect the light reflections from the light surface. Typically the part is curved which means the light reflects to multiple directions and we can capture reflections with dome.


Stereo means we use multiple cameras, typically three. The parts are 3D shape. In order to capture reflections we must have multiple viewpoints enabling 3D shapes to be inspected. While having different view points the three cameras are still overlapping each other to ensure the complete surface will be covered. With three cameras we can also simultaneously observe different sides of the parts.


We use deflectometry which is common technology and well known, originally it was used to amplify radio waves. Sinusoidal light patterns are waves as well, revealing defects on the surface. Now the deflectometry amplifies the light waves making even the smallest defects visible for the system.

Why this is important?

The basics of the CSD was explained in previous chapters of this post. The explanation was from hardware point of view and we have a lot of our own software also running there to make the magic happen. With this technology, first time ever, our customers can have automated inspection for curved high gloss products. For many chrome platers, this means savings counted in millions.

To learn more about CSD® technology and automated inspection of highly reflective products, please contact us.

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