Beat COVID-19! Helmee offers remote FAT!

Helmee’s customer C. Hübner GmbH wanted to see HelmeeCSD’s performance to welcome our solution to their production. This is called Factory acceptance testing, aka FAT. Usually we Helmee invites customers to our premises for this precess, however the story is different in this case.

Helmee finds the way despite COVID-19 situation.

Becase of COVID-19, the country borders are closed therefore our German customers could not fly to Finland to see HelmeeCSD is working. So what we did? We deliver this FAT remotely.

We set cameras infront of the HelmeeCSD show it on live stream. So that they can see what HelmeeCSD inspects on live. At the same time, we also share inspection results with them on live so they can follow what is happening infront of cameras.

Customer said YES!

We went through the FAT and Mr. Renger said “Yes, FAT is accepted”.
After FAT accepted, HelmeeCSD is shipped to Germany and delivered to our customer’s production site.

To learn more about CSD® technology and automated inspection of highly reflective products, please contact us.

We look forward to discussing the subject with you further!

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