Hübner GmbH expected great quality – and got it from Helmee Imaging Oy

Doing quality control on high gloss surfaces is a tedious task which has traditionally been done as manual labor. This makes the cost of the inspection high and the accuracy of the inspection is influenced by human error. C. Hübner GmbH was struggling with this issue and tested out different automated inspection solutions with unsatisfactory results. Last June, their first Helmee CSD® (Covered Stereo Deflectometry) was delivered to them, and they are very happy with it.

Hübner GmbH is a German company that manufactures decorative plated plastic parts with a high gloss surface. They offer their clients the whole production chain from the planning phase to assembly and all the way through final quality inspection. They promise their clients high-quality high gloss products and use certified and documented process chains. After finding Helmee’s CSD®, they have been able to further improve both their quality control as well as their documentation.

– Before we had the Helmee CSD®, we inspected the plated parts manually. It is a very tiring and monotonic task, which has now been automated, explains David Renger, the Production Director at C. Hübner GmbH.

Helmee CSD®’s functionality met the high expectations

Hübner GmbH had tried other camera inspection solutions before, but the trials were not successful. Therefore, they had extremely high expectations for the Helmee CSD®, as they already knew what could go wrong. Renger was keen on getting a system that would work smoothly.

– Our expectations were quite high for this system and they have been met. The product was delivered to us in June and we immediately got the needed help from Helmee’s technician. The communication between them and us has been good and uncomplicated, Renger states. 

Cost reductions and increased end quality

– We wanted to find an automated solution to reduce our costs and to increase the quality of the end products, Renger explains.

Hübner GmbH is working with high gloss parts that vary greatly in shape from one customer to another. The inspection needs to be done individually to each part and in large volumes. 

– One of the best features in the Helmee CSD® has in my personal opinion been the fact that we can access the inspection results at any time. It helps us to be more transparent towards our end customers all while improving the quality of our work, he concludes.

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