ABB Yumi is having last practice before the Control Messe!

Reflective surface quality

Helmee CSD automates inspection process for high gloss products. Typically, this demanding sorting task is done by people. Helmee CSD replaces people – the hands moving the parts, the eyes observing the parts and the brain making the sorting decisions. Hands are replaced by robots, eyes by industrial cameras and the brain by Helmee software. This blog post is about the hands.

In the video, you can see ABB Yumi Cobot moving parts into inspection. The movements of the robot are critical for the success of the inspection. We want to inspect all the important surfaces of the parts. To make this happen, robot must bring the parts accurately into the same position and orientation. The number of the view points needed depends on parts shape and inspection criteria. Because Helmee CSD is a true 3D system with 3 cameras, we can keep the number of the view points minimized. The number of the view points has a relation with required cycle time. ABB Yumi helps us to optimize the cycle time. Two simultaneously moving robot arms enables us to keep the cameras and analysis busy. This solution reduces the standing still time of the cameras and analysis almost 0 seconds! Minimizing cycle time does not however compromise our inspection accuracy.

Our friend Yumi looks nice and friendly and he is. However, sometimes he is too weak unfortunately because of the maximum allowed payload of the arms. Then we call his cousins the industrial robot to help us. That being said we build the best possible solution for your process and never compromise the inspection performance. Quality is decision rather than an opinion – thus automation is applied! The Yumi system in the video is demonstrating the magic at the Control fair but in case you could not make it to the Control, please contact us to agree time and location for the demo.


Our customers have reported 80% accuracy on average per inspector.
Helmee CSD® has typically accuracy of more than 95%.


To learn more about CSD® technology and automated inspection of highly reflective products, please contact us.

We look forward to discussing the subject with you further!

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Automated surface quality inspection