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Helmee Imaging’s CSD® (Covered Stereo Deflectometry) technology based machine vision systems are designed to visually inspect glossy – mirror like objects. CSD® is the only available technology in the market that can simultaneously inspect surface properties and 3D shape of a glossy object.

Glossy surfaced parts are typically inspected manually by humans due to lack of automatic tools so far. Those products are often produced in large quantities making the inspection work extremely difficult and monotonic due to large volume and fast pace. This leads into quality deviation caused by inspection process or workers. With Helmee AOI you can tune the level of acceptance in inspection.

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Helmee AOI is a perfect solution for all companies plating or manufacturing glossy surfaced products in larger volumes. Those products can be chrome plated, PVD coated, plastic, metal and they can have whatever shape. Deep canyons or holes may have some limitations due to self-occlusion.

4 reasons
to choose Helmee AOI

Get more everything: speed, quantity and quality

Get competetive advantage by increasing your inspection accuracy from 80-90% up to 99,7%. Helmee AOI enables increased inspection speed and larger volume in production without any compromises in quality. It takes only 3 seconds for Helmee AOI to inspect one object.

Machines eat less resources

Quality inspection is very monotonic task. Helmee AOI’s technology frees people from that and helps us invest more resources in improving our future. Helmee AOI has fast return of investent: typical payback time is 1–2 years – thanks to better yield and less fail parts production.

Optimize and refine endlessly

Every product has it’s own unique attributes and Helmee AOI can adapt to nearly any parameter. No deviation in acceptance level leads into possibility to tune the level of accepted products according to customer needs.

Take total control

Automatic live reporting and tracing of the inspection means more accurate reports from production and inspection process. You, as a plant manager, would be in very relaxed situation since you could know exactly what kind of quality the process is making and how the lines are performing, in real-time.

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Our machine vision system recognizes all electroplating defect types — manual inspection is never capable to the same accuracy.

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We believe there is constant need for improvement and evolution. New technologies have always nudged humankind to the next step. We explore and develop new technologies. Quality control is about making things better. We make quality control better with our pioneering AOI method. We are perfecting the future.

Helmee Imaging is a Finnish high-tech company providing revolutionary AOI systems for visual quality inspection for glossy, mirror like parts.

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