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Helmee is a Finnish high-tech company providing revolutionary CSD® systems for visual quality inspection for glossy, mirror like parts. The roots of Helmee are in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, and various automation companies in Finland. From day one, Helmee has been a global company. We have sales, aftersales and maintenance available in all major manufacturing areas in the world. Our presence consists of our own people as well as selected distributors and partners worldwide.

We provide outstanding CSD® systems for chrome-platers and other glossy parts manufacturers in the world.

4 reasons
to choose Helmee CSD®

Get more everything: speed, quantity and quality

Get competetive advantage by increasing your inspection accuracy from 80% up to 99,97% (300 PPM). Helmee CSD® enables increased inspection speed and larger volume in production without any compromises in quality.

Machines eat less resources

Quality inspection is very monotonic task. Helmee CSD®’s technology frees people to doing something else, since it typically works around 30 minutes unmanned. Helmee CSD® has fast return of investement: typical payback time is 2 years – thanks to better yield and less fail parts production.

Optimize and refine endlessly

Every products has its own criteria for inspection and Helmee CSD® can adapt to those. We can finetune the criteria to meet your customer requirements.

Take total control

Automatic live reporting and tracing of the inspection means more accurate reports from production and inspection process. You, as a plant manager, can sleep easy since you could know exactly what kind of quality the process is making and how the lines are performing, in real-time.

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Helmee Imaging

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We have come a long way from the 1960s when the idea of “machine vision” was introduced. After decades of research and testing, it was in 2012 when the three founders of Helmee had a conversation about the topic. This was the first time when the need and the technology met and gave birth to an innovation that laid foundation to the Helmee Imaging Ltd.

Matti Saarinen

COO, Helmee Imaging

Robots of Helmee AOI
Overhead view of Helmee AOI

Customer Validated Inspection Accuracy %

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Helmee AOI process
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Automation reaches everywhere step by step. How will it affect your business? Possibilities are enormous. Download our white paper and learn about the future of quality inspection.

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We believe there is constant need for improvement and evolution. New technologies have always nudged humankind to the next step. We explore and develop new technologies. Quality inspection is about making things better. We make quality control better with our pioneering CSD® method. We are perfecting the future.

Helmee Imaging is a Finnish high-tech company providing revolutionary CSD® systems for visual quality inspection for glossy, mirror like parts.

Helmee Imaging